Other Appliances

We are a full-service laboratory, producing a complete full range of high-quality orthodontic appliances and a comprehensive selection of components. The laboratory team is also pleased to carry out appliance repairs.

For a full catalogue and pricing information, please email lab@iasortho.com.

Our extensive product list features functional, fixed and removable appliances, as well as extensive pressure-formed options:

  • list Hawley Retainers
  • list Activators/MOA
  • list Advance Functional Appliances
  • list Special Trays
  • list Brux Plates
  • list Thumb Guards
  • list Bleaching Trays
  • list Many More

Twin Blocks

For the treatment of malocclusion, Dr William Clark’s tradition twin block system remains one of the most effective appliances. IAS Laboratory delivers unmatched accuracy on custom production to your specifications including the addition of expansion screws, springs and EOT tubes.

Upper Removable Appliances (URA)

For an active Hawley/URA appliance ask us about our custom range of options for clasps, springs, bows and screws to achieve complex outcomes.


The QuadHelix fixed, or removable metal expander features four helical loops situated in the bicuspid and second molar regions which can act individually or together to apply gentle multi-directional force.


The metal Hyrax maxillary expansion appliance is laser welded onto a series of four bands. The expansion screw is adjusted using a key to achieve improved upper and lower jaw balance.

Trans Palatal Arch (TPA)

The TPA is used for post-treatment molar stabilisation. It can also be used in conjunction with laser-welded eyelets or TADS to treat impacted incisors or molar intrusion.

Enquire about using our lab

Enquire about using our lab