Study Model Storage Headaches?

Time to Go Digital

When your practice proudly advertises next-generation dentistry but still relies on dusty storerooms full of last century’s plaster casts for treatment planning and study, it could be time to take your clinic into the digital dimension.


With IAS Laboratory’s model and archive scanning eases dentists and orthodontists seamlessly into the 21st century with cost-effective, painless model archive scanning and digitisation.


Going digital saves both time and money, and frees valuable practice space for surgery development. It's also a boost for patients, who can order replacement appliances without the need for emergency appointments. There's no better way to demonstrate your commitment to innovation.

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Why Go 3D?

Space Saver

Still retrieving plaster models from a dusty storeroom? Going digital frees up valuable practice space fast.

Time Saver

With a fast turnaround, instant retrieval and the ability to create replacement retainers from digital files, 3D models free up clinical time.

Cost Saver

IAS’ digital 3D models can be viewed on tablets, laptops and desktop PCs without the need for expensive equipment or software.

Instant Access Anywhere

Retrieve, view and analyse your entire archive of treatment models instantly, from anywhere you can access a computer or tablet.


Go Digital Now

IAS Laboratory’s easy four-step process for archive digitisation lets you get rid of physical model stores in an instant.



No need to send your models off - we come to you. Just let us know where to find your model archive, and we'll take them off your hands for good.



Back at IAS Laboratory, our GDC-registered technicians begin the process of converting your archive to accurate 3D models.



The choice is yours - receive a convenient digital archive through secure file transfer or on a password-protected USB drive.



Say goodbye to plaster models forever. Leave safe, secure disposal of your physical archive to us.

Ready to Go Digital?

If your lab is ready to save space and money by making the switch to digital 3D modelling, why not talk to us about our competitive archive digitisation service

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